What Is A Certified Orthotist?


A Clinical Certified Orthotist (CO) (c) has a minimum of eight years of education and practical training. Certified Orthotists work closely with physicians, therapists and their clients to design and [...]

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What is a Kinesiologist?


As University-educated health professionals, Kinesiologists apply exercise and movement science to promote health and wellbeing; prevent, manage and rehabilitate injuries; treat illness and chronic disease; restore function, and optimize human [...]

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What Is A Certified Pedorthist?


Canadian Certified Pedorthists are orthotic and orthopaedic footwear experts trained in postural analysis, movement patterns, and musculoskeletal examination. More specifically, they focus on the assessment of lower limb anatomy, muscle [...]

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How Does Funding Work?


Work place and private group insurance plans will often cover a percentage of the cost of a device provided by a Certified Orthotist. We are authorized vendors and have affiliations [...]

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