Footwear Modifications

Modifications include flares and buttresses to provide stability for the ankle and foot; extended shanks and rocker soles to reduce forefoot pressures; and re-lasting, or re-shaping shoes to accommodate deformities.

Our Orthotic/Prosthetic Technicians are a highly skilled craftspeople who integrate specific orthopedic requirements into footwear.

Common modifications include:

  • Stretching to decrease pressure on various parts of the feet.

  • Lifts to compensate for a short leg / leg length discrepancy.

  • Rocker soles to decrease pain under the ball of the foot and assist with heel to toe transfer for ankles with reduced mobility or arthritis.

  • Buttresses and flares to increase stability and equalize weight distribution to the foot and ankle.

  • Adjustments to make it easier to place ankle-foot orthoses in shoes.


Orthopedic & Diabetic Footwear

It is very important for an individual with a Diabetic Neuropathy to have their shoes custom fit by a trained professional, as they may not be able to feel the fit due to loss of sensation. By ensuring proper fit, function and shoe design, ulcer prevention can be achieved.

Our premier brands are New Balance, Saucony, Mt Emey, OrtoPed, Apex, Aravon, Rockport, and Dunham. We order specialty shoes fitting widths 2A to 6E, and foot sizes pediatric to 16 Mens. Our footwear is AFO compatible with extra depth heel-beds and removable insoles.

Our orthopedic footwear helps combat:

  • Achilles Tendonitis
  • Collapsed Arches

  • Flat Feet

  • Hammer Toes

  • Morton’s Toe and Morton’s Neuroma
  • Plantar Facsiitis

  • Pronation

  • Supination


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