What to expect from our Orthotist

During the initial appointment, a Clinical Certified Orthotist will conduct a physical assessment, review x-rays / scans, discuss the patient’s medical history and lifestyle, examine the areas of concern and observe the patient’s mobility.

Once the assessment is complete, the specific type of orthosis will be prescribed and precise measurements or moulds will be taken in order to fabricate the personal orthotic device. The Orthotist then fits the device and makes any adjustments necessary to ensure optimal functional use by the patient.

From the initial patient assessment to the final fitting, quality and comfort are the primary goals of the AOS Orthotics team. Our skilled orthotic technician has trained specifically in the fabrication of orthopedic braces, foot orthotics and shoe modifications and takes painstaking care to ensure the final product is of the up most quality. In keeping with our mandate to produce products of the highest standards, our fabrication lab is equipped with the latest fabrication and testing tools.


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