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Custom Foot Orthotics

Custom Foot Orthotics

An assessment is performed during which one of our Orthotists examines the static and dynamic alignment of the foot and ankle, ankle range of motion (ROM), muscle tests, patient goals and concerns, callous formation, joint alignment and footwear.

If it is determined that a foot orthoses is an appropriate treatment option, then the patient is cast in a non-weight bearing subtalar neutral position. Other methods are used depending on the clinical assessment and requirements of the patient's condition.

The orthoses are then custom fabricated from these casts. Moulds are poured and modified to correct joint position. A variety of material combinations are used to achieve both patient comfort and biomechanical control. The fabrication time is approximately two weeks. The patient then returns for the fitting appointment, where the device is evaluated for fit and comfort, including assessment of both static and dynamic alignment. If further modifications are required, they are completed at time of fitting.

Material selection from which the orthoses are made are based on the biomechanical and pathological needs of the patient.

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